Friday, May 28, 2010


Stellarium is a free open source planetarium computer program.
Follow the link on this page to the site and download the program to your computer.
This program is an essential tool for the creation of You Are Here and will be continually employed as a reference guide.

Working with the tool bar at the bottom of your screen you can view the constellations by name, constellation lines and constellation art. Clicking on the Azimuthal grid creates an excellent reproduction of what our geodesic dome will look like in You Are Here.
Working with the tool bar on the left of your screen you can set your Location as well as Time/Date.
Setting the Time/Date to July 15th will give a visual reference to the constellations that will be included
On a Mac you can pull the size of the sky down into a circle. This gives a great view of what looking up into
the geodesic dome will be like in terms of the arrangement and positioning of the constellations.
There is also a feature in the left side bar that contains the origins and mythology of the constellations.